Ion-slider not accepting some options

I’ve been tearing my hair out over this. I’ve used the slider previously but now inside Ionic I’m not being able to pass some options to replicate things I’ve done previously. The main issue is not being able to pass a decimal as slidesPerView, also CenteredSlides and a few other parameters are just being ignored. Opening slide looks like this:

<ion-slides slidesPerView="1.8" centeredSlides="false" spaceBetween="10" slidesOffsetBefore="16" class="discovr-slides">

This is how the slider should look (, and I’ve achieved this with the slider outside of Ionic, that’s what’s making this all the more frustrating, appreciate any help.

Hey, did you manage to solve this? I have the exact same issues.

Nope. So frustrating, I can’t see much elsewhere. I have used the slider before outside Ionic and passing decimals as a the slidesPerView works perfectly but not inside my App.