Ion-slide-box, large images and ng-cloak


So I’ve got this frustrating bug. Basically I’ve got an ion-slide-box which is holding 5 fairly large images. My app has been very slow to start up because the splash screen stays up until all the content loads. The only way I’ve found to mitigate this speed issue is to “fake” it by ng-cloaking the content until the $ionicPlatform.ready() has fired. I then removed the ng-cloak and the app continues to load from there.

This works splendidly in the browser, but as soon as I deploy it to an actual app, some bit of javascript must not be firing because the images won’t render until I navigate away from the homepage and then go back.

See the issue in motion.

Any ideas?


Hey @Tyler,

That’s definitely odd. What if you did, instead of setTimeout to remove the ngCloak, try injecting the $timeout service and use that instead.

Then, that will trigger a digest which might clean up the rendering for you.

That’s the only idea I have right at this moment.


Thanks for sharing the $timeout service. Unfortunately I’m getting the same results.