Ion-slide-box bug in 1.0.0-beta.5b (RESOLVED)

The latest update to beta6 fixes this issue.

So I have been implementing ion-slide-box in my app and there are a couple bugs I found but I don’t know how to fix them.

  1. When you slide left on the first slide, it’s not supposed to go to the left but this bug causes reverse sliding (same thing happens when you are on the last slide trying to go right again and it lets you)
  2. When this reverse sliding does happen, some of the slides lose their content completely and the app has to be quit for the content to come back.

I switched back to using ionic-1.0.0-beta.4b and it works as advertised.

Can anybody help me find the bug/fix it?


I can confirm that behavior and i think this was fixed in beta 6:

  • ionSlideBox: fix regression allowing slide past boundaries (ec5a2763, closes #1414, #1405, #1409, #1321)