Ion-side-menu without ion-nav-view


My question is simple, but maybe idiot…
Is it possible to display a Ion-side-menu without using ion-nav-view directive ?
In fact, I have a a lot of pages in my app, and I would like to display a Menu only on few of them. Using the ion-nav-view, I encountered some problems to switch to one activity to another, and the transitions were broken. That’s why I would like a really simple way to display a Menu only on some pages, without ion-nav-view history…

Thanks by advance,


Hum, it seems that is it not possible, all examples I saw used the ion-nav-view…
That’s sad for me :frowning:

its the some problem you have with ionTabs. they were made to be something like a main-navigation-structure. You can not use them only on some views.

Sure, in your case you could manually hide the menu-icon and disable the menu-dragging on some views --> that should be going for you.

Ok thank you for the idea, I will try this !