Ion-select set icon color


I’m using
<ion-select> component and I would like to change the icon color but I’m not able to do this. How is it possible to customize it?

This is my code

 <ion-row >
      <ion-label text-right>Scegli punti di interesse</ion-label>
        <ion-select [(ngModel)] = "sort" (ionChange)="changeImageMap()">
          <ion-option value="1">Blu e nero</ion-option>
          <ion-option value="2">Rosso</ion-option>
          <ion-option value="3">Blu</ion-option>

And this is the result.

I would like to change the icon’s color like that for example:

Is it possible?
I’ve tried to change the css of the component but nothing worked.

Thank you.



ion-select {
  .select-icon {
    .select-icon-inner {
       color : red !important;
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thank you so much! this works!

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