Ion-select selectOptions mode doesn't work

Hey all,

My issue is that I can’t force the ios selection type on android devices
I have action sheet select, like

<ion-select interface="action-sheet" [selectOptions]="selectOptions">

I basically just ran through your example

this.selectOptions = {
  mode: 'ios'

But nothing changes, action-sheet is always Android style like on Android devices…

Any ideas here?


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Hey @marko1943, change your code like this:

<ion-select interface="action-sheet" [selectOptions.mode]="selectOptions">


Nope, that doesn’t work.
Errors out

Can’t bind to ‘selectOptions.mode’ since it isn’t a known property of ‘ion-select’.

Just ran into the same problem with the interface=“popover” style of ion-select.
The “mode” option mentioned in the documentation does not seem to really be available.
The “md” dropdown with the radio buttons seems ugly IMO, and not consistent with current material design spec.
Would like to find a way to override this and use the ios mode for ion-select in browser build.