Ion select multiple

Screenshot_2 file .ts
I have the ion select and can display as expected but I want to take the partial value of the selected data and put in the ngModel

do you mean like this…

selectedmasalahArray = [];

  keunggulan = [
  {$value:1,name:'harga murah'},
  {$value:2,name:'kaulitas baik'},
  {$value:3,name:'kemasan menarik'},
  {$value:4,name:'promosi penjualan'},
  {$value:5,name:'fasilitas lengkap'}


  <ion-select [(ngModel)]="selectedmasalahArray" multiple="true" cancelText="cancel" okText="ok">
    <ion-option *ngFor="let masalah of keunggulan; let i = index" [value]="{$value: masalah.$value, name:}" selected="false">{{}}</ion-option>
<pre>{{selectedmasalahArray | json}}</pre>

sorry, I mistaken the file I meant like this for file .html

the value that I want is that if chosen it is true if it is not worth is false