Ion select change Cancel/OK Button color

Hello everybody,

after spending so much hours I am so confused now.
I need to change the colors if ion-select for Cancel and OK.
In ionic 3 I have reached this via [selectOption] property, however this is not working in Ionic 4 anymore.
I have tried via [interfaceOptions] but no success as well.
Please if anybody has any idea how I can reach this… let me know.
Thanks in advance and be healthy!

<ion-select placeholder=“Text” cancelText=“Abbrechen” [interfaceOptions]=“customAlertOptions” (ionChange)=“fileSelected($event)”>

        <ion-select-option  *ngFor="let item of uploadedFiles" value={{}}>{{item.displayName}}


customAlertOptions: any = {   

    cssClass: 'alertCustomCss',


.alertCustomCss {

ion-button {

    color:#58a618 !important; // button text color



When you inspect the Alert, can you confirm that the Class and the color is applied?

hey, thanks for answer, No it is not applied. Rest everything i.e. when I write in customAlertOptions for example header or subheader is applied, but cssClass is not.

maybe you need to add you`re custom class in global.scss or variable.scss Hope work

So you can not see the class name in the class="..." Tag of the <ion-select>? Thats weird, defining the class in global.scss should not help in this case.

What Ionic Version are you using?

I’m facing the same problem but with trying to style the ion-select popover colors. Was there any solution to this?

Do you mean selected element color only (picture example)? Because popover interface has no OK/Cancel button