Ion-select and google maps


I have an ion-select and a google map. When I click on the select, an alert is displayed (It’s normal since I have a lot of choice).

The problem is that I can’t click on any item that are above the map, instead, the click is on the map. And I don’t want to set the map to not clickable, it has to be clickable.

What can I do?

I’m having the same problem, did you found a solution?

I understand that we should use setClickable(false), but for exemple how do I set setClickable false when its with my sidebar.

By sidebar, do you mean the menu?

There’s no easy way, I think you should have the menu on your page and then, you can catch menu’s event.

I found a way, I changed how my menu works.

Instead of push, I’m using reveal.

Did you find a solution?