Ion-searchbar in real time with database

Hi !
How Can I interact with my database in real time when the user enter letter in ion-searchbar please ?

Start with a behavior subject to act as search terms. Create a function to implement next on that behavior subject. Continuously match strings based on information in your database. Send out an Observable of matching terms. Subscribe.

But with this solution, the server will receive many request ?! Is it good for him ?

Probably not. But do you really expect a searchbar in “real time” to be especially efficient? That’s about as likely as @rapropos’ cat growing a mullet. Probably not gonna happen.

Get your data on the front end and store it if you’re seriously concerned about performance I suppose.

Ok thank you very much !

To store the data in local is depends on the size of your data.
If you have more than 100 items i suggest you to make your searchbar as server side autocomplete

But how I can do that please ? I would like something like facebook where when you tap, the result appear in real time…

html file:

 <ion-searchbar #searchBarEl

  <ion-list *ngIf="matches.length > 0">
    <ng-container *ngFor="let item of matches">

      <ion-item [style.height]="40"  (click)="selectItem(item)" role="button">



ts file:

getResults() {
   this.matches = [];
    this.selected = {
      id: '',
      description: ''

    this.loadingMatches = true;

    this.apiProvider.get('serverUrl', {query: this.query}).then((res:any) => {
      this.loadingMatches = false;

      this.matches = res;
    }, (err) => {
      this.loadingMatches = false;
      console.log('err: ', err);


Thanks I will try ! :slight_smile:

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I try and that’s work ! But just one question please. Why did you put $event in this “getResults($event)” ?

You pass the searchbar value in $event

But we have already this information with the doubl binding in ngModel ?

You can use the ngModel variable.
If you want you can call to “getResults()” without $event it will work.

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that is straight. pls sir can you share more a little bit am a novice and i did not seem to understand working with behavior subject and observables