Ion-search not showing the X to cancel


Just want to say that I see the issue only with Chrome and iphone. No issue with Galaxy S5.

What I want to see (Ionic api page):

What I see (my page)

I tried the code from ionic github example:

<ion-searchbar placeholder="Filter Items" (ionInput)="filterItems($event)"></ion-searchbar>

Did not work.

I have a Chrome issue or it something else?


That would be which example and where?


Here is the link:

Also, it is working here:


You missed the showCancelButton. Without that, you’re missing the cancel button :wink: You’ve copied the wrong example from what I can tell.


Hi @luukschoen and @Sujan12,

I reboot my computer and now the sample code is working!

I should have remember that. I think it happened to me last year with another component.


Wow, it worked 2 times and then… no more X.