Ion-scroll won't let me scroll down the page vertically

I have multiple on the same page, however when i now try to scroll the page up and down i can only scroll the page i the white space outside of the

Is it possible that when you want to scroll the page vertically, i can do so over the top of the ion-scroll?

The actual ion-scroll works great, i just cant scroll the page because of them…

Tried a coupe of things with not joy…

<ion-scroll direction="x" class="wide-as-needed scroll small-scroll margin-bottom-xl padding-bottom"
          zooming="false" delegate-handle="horizontal" horizontal-scroll-fix="mainScroll">
  <div class="scrollItemContent">
      <img src="../img/listing_1/1.jpg" />
      <div class="padding">
          <p>Living area and TV</p>

Anyone?? I’ve tried everything here.

Main part of my app this functionality, makes user experience really bad

Try this

Hi, I have tried adding this to the HTML, but no joy.

Do you need to edit a JS file, noticed in the codepen there are some JS changes to the core JS files, is this ok to do?

What JS file is it?

Is there no other solution without hacking the core framework code?

I’ll answer my question incase anyone else runs into this problem

Open ionic.bundle.js

Find: ignoreScrollStart: function(e) {

Then comment out the first line beginning with return

// return || // defaultPrevented has been assigned by another component handling the event

Hope that helps