Ion-scroll style cannot be overriden

I am using Ionic v4 and trying to override background color of a particular page (not all). If i add css to parents i.e ion-content then the style works (check screenshot) but if i apply it on ion-scroll it doesn’t.

:host {
    ion-content {
//this works i.e backgorund-color: #000;
        ion-scroll {
//this doesn't
            background-color: transparent !important; 

I can see in the DOM, its there…

<style>[_nghost-c0] {
  background: #008ced;
  background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #008ced 0%, #00679e 100%);
  filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient( startColorstr='#008ced', endColorstr='#00679e',GradientType=0 );
  [_nghost-c0]   ion-content[_ngcontent-c0]   ion-scroll[_ngcontent-c0] {
    background-color: transparent !important; }
  [_nghost-c0]   ion-content[_ngcontent-c0]   .scroll-inner[_ngcontent-c0] {
    background: #000; }</style>