Ion-scroll cannot work on android

The ion-scroll (horizontal scroll) can work on ios, but not work on android. Doesn’t scroll no matter how I slide.

Changing ion-scroll to < div > with css “overflow-x: scroll”, it’s the same.

Version info:
cordova platform: android 6.2.3
ionic-angular 3.6.0


You can show us full code.

selector: ‘thumbnail-gallery’,
template: <ion-scroll scrollX="true" [ngStyle]="{'height.px': slideHeight}"> <layout-img *ngFor="let img of displayImgs; let i = index" [src]="img" layout="fill" [ngStyle]="{'width.px': slideWidth, 'height.px': slideHeight}"> </layout-img> </ion-scroll>

< layout-img > is a customized component.

so, you want to show a lot of image in a row and you can scroll it, right?

show a lot of image in a row

Why not use this one ! it is good, I use it too.

But I wanna show 2 and half images. Does it support?

why not !


it works! thanks a lot