Ion-scroll cannot drag to right

hi all,

I create a scroll with a number of images as below

    <div ng-show="showFrame">
      <ion-scroll zooming="true" direction="x" style="width: 2500px; height: 180px">
        <a ng-click="drawFrame(1)"><img src="img/frames/frame1.png" width="180"/></a>
        <a ng-click="drawFrame(2)"><img src="img/frames/frame2.png" width="180"/></a>
        <a ng-click="drawFrame(3)"><img src="img/frames/frame3.png" width="180"/></a>
        <a ng-click="drawFrame(4)"><img src="img/frames/frame4.png" width="180"/></a>
        <a ng-click="drawFrame(5)"><img src="img/frames/frame5.png" width="180"/></a>
        <a ng-click="drawFrame(6)"><img src="img/frames/frame6.png" width="180"/></a>
        <a ng-click="drawFrame(7)"><img src="img/frames/frame7.png" width="180"/></a>
        <a ng-click="drawFrame(8)"><img src="img/frames/frame8.png" width="180"/></a>
        <a ng-click="drawFrame(9)"><img src="img/frames/frame9.png" width="180"/></a>

When I drag the scroll area to left and release, it returns back to the first two items. Thus I am not able to see the images at right side.
The horizontal scrollbar is same as screen width, which should be smaller.

Can anyone help? Thank you so much.

Try adding scrollX=“true” like the following:

< ion-scroll zooming="true" direction="x" scrollX="true" style="width: 2500px; height: 180px" >

hi Brad

Thank you so much for your reply.

Adding scrollX=“true” doesn’t help. I am using ionic 1.7.5.

Ah, I see. Sorry that didn’t work for you. Unfortunately I’m at Ionic 3.