Ion-reorder bad responsiveness

Hey I am using the ion-reorder-button ( to edit the order of some data in my application:

When I test my application in the browser (nexus 5 emulated in Chrome) it works very smoothly but when I deploy on my android
phone it’s very unresponsive (sometimes I am able to grab an item and move it but most of the time it fails). Am I the only one experiencing this issue? Thanks in advance!

Hmm haven’t had any issue with the ion-reorder (though I’ve tested it on ios) Could you post a codepen with an example of how you are using it? I will test it on an android device.

I’ve created this for you: , sidemenu is on the left side but that does not matter I guess :wink:

So I updated the codepen and tried it out on a Motorola phone running 4.1.2.

It works pretty well, a little shaky being but it is an older version of android on my phone. What kind of device are you using?

I am running 4.4.2 on a Samsung galaxy nexus. It’s just really weird, 50% of the time it seems to register
my movement as a simple click and in the other 50% it starts dragging.

Alright, it could be the a performance issue based on the device. Its the first generation nexus correct? What kind of specs does it have?

It is this phone:

Hey, sorry for the late response. So this could be because of the specs of the phone. The first gen nexus is pretty old ( nexus 5 to the nexus is like the iPhone 5s to the iPhone 4)

My dad has a nexus 5, I tried it on his. It’s better but you really have do be spot on for the dragging to happen, a couple of ms to late and it won’t happen.

Alright, can you open an issue for this? We can increase the touch area for it so it’s a bit easier to hit.

I will do it first thing in the morning, kinda late here thanks for the help btw!

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