Ion-refresher in ion-side-menu (Android only)

Hello, I have a side menu app where my side menu has dynamically loaded content, which I asynchronously discover.

I have tried to put an ion-refresher, but whenever the refresher is visible, the contents of the ion-side-menu act like they are occupying the while screen (that is, everything is centered according to the entire device screen, as opposed to jus the ion-side-menu portion).

This means if I have a right side menu, the left side of my content disappears behind my ion-side-menu-content whenever the ion-refresher is visible, and for any side menu, the ion-refresher is centered in the middle of the screen as opposed to the middle if the side-menu.

Is there any way to fix this? It only appears on android, and only in an actual app (i.e., this plunkr works fine, but it wouldn’t if I made it a compiled app)