Ion-refresher font color customisation

Currently i have ion-refresher running and it works as expected but the text color is a shade of gray and hard to see on the background i have set.

I am trying to customize the font / spinner color but nothing works…

.scroll-refresher, .js-scroller {
  color: white;

If i set

background-color: #FFF

the background changes from transparent to white but the font color never changes… Any ideas?

Try using this

.scroll-refresher .ionic-refresher-content.ionic-refresher-with-text{
  color: #fff;

Awesome! That did indeed do the trick for the text, the spinning wheel is still ugly grey tho haha. Any further ideas on the actual progress wheel color?

Thanks so much for this help!

This works for changing the spinner icon for me

.scroll-refresher .spinner{
  stroke: #fff;

You’re welcome (: