Ion-refresher and collection-repeat


Hi, is there a way to make ion-refresher and collection-repeat work together?

If collection-repeat need its own ion-scroll, how can i use ion-refresher?

Right now i’m doing like this, but the height of the list rows doesn’t work as expected. If i remove the refresher instead it’s all right.

  <ion-content class="has-header card-background padding">
<ion-refresher on-refresh="doRefresh(false)"
    pulling-text="Scorri per aggiornare..."
<div class="list card my-item" collection-repeat="item in newsList" 


I’ve seen that the problem occur only if the rows have different size. In my case the rows can have multiple sizes depend on a property. example.

	$scope.getItemHeight = function(item, index) {	    
	    	return 390;
	    	return 205;

I can’t undestand why, pls help me out :frowning:


Have you tried this with the nightly builds? This has been resolved I believe