Ion-page and ion-menu-controller elements are not known in ionic angular


I am doing new app using Ionic Angular.
I got two errors (please see screenshots): ion-page and ion-menu-controller elements are not known. By searching on the Internet and trying in VSCode different solutions, I could not find an issue. Could you please help me to fix these errors?
I replaced both (ion-page and ion-menu-controller) HTML elements with div and it works, but it is not Ionic element.

Thank you in advance.

You need to import the IonicModule in the module file your trying to use.

    imports: [

Hi, thank you. I have already imported IonicModule and It does not help.

What page is that, that your showing us the html? Because those elements that are giving error should not be there. You don’t need to wrap code in the ion-app or ion-menu controller tags. remove those and your errors should go away.

Hi, thank you. I followed the code that is shown on the Structure Layout | Structures for Content Layout on Ionic Apps in Menu Layout section. The code works when I changed ion-page to div and removed ion-menu-controller.