Ion-option-button look bad with transparent background

how can i display ion-option-button according to position changed

here is my codepan

body backgorund is yellow

item background is transparent

some body can help me this problem ?

I was able to resolve this temporarily by setting the background colors to be yellow instead of transparent on the item content.

but when i use background image it looks bad

in my project , i am not use color yellow

so~ any one has ideal ?

It’s just CSS. So, if you target the right classes, you can modify.

See : : This is a really rough sample, so just modify it for a style that fits you.

Be sure to adjust the active class as well.

ion-option-button.button.button-assertive {
  background: transparent;
  color : #111;

ion-option-button.button.button-calm {
  background: transparent;
  color : #111;

change button css to transparent is a good ideal

but when You swipe to right the button will show !!

I’m not sure what you mean by that. When I swipe right to expose the buttons, I just get text because I made the background transparent.

Admittedly, when you click a button, it’s “active” state shows the button background for that state, but I mentioned that in the original post. You will need to look at the CSS and modify it to suit your needs.

I think what he means is that when you swipe right, you don’t get that smooth reveal effect on the anymore.

thanks everyone helping me

My question is swipe right should not trigger the button show event