Ion-nav-view with sub-header


ion-nav-view doesn’t works well if the page has a sub header. The content in ion-nav-view would be blocked.


In your ion-content within your view, have you specified has-subheader=true? This should give you the offset needed and make sure the content isn’t blocked.


Yes,i have . other parts works well and only ion-nav-view is blocked.


I take that back. It seems to be working.

Check this example: updated with correct link

The about tab has the has-subheader=“true” defined on the ion-content element. The other tabs do not.

Do you have an example of it not working?


I’ve just missed a close tag. Thx a lot!!


This seems to be no longer working in beta? sub-header=“true” in ion-content


I think they removed it because it should automatically adjust now if there is a sub header.


FYI : There is a bug with subheaders right now.

Devs are working on some other specific issues right now. They’ll get back to this one soon


This does not seem to work with 1.0.0-beta.11. I am having a hard time finding an example of how to use sub-headers with ion-nav-view.
It looks like one should use an ion-header-bar if one is using an ion-nav-bar… like so

<ion-nav-bar class="bar-stable nav-title-slide-ios7">
nav content
<ion-header-bar class="bar-subheader">
subheader content