Ion-nav-view caching: function to invalidate item in cache by state name

Anyone else see the value in being able to use the $ionicConfigProvider to invalidate a state by name programatically?

For example, in a round robin fashion to assist performance without upsetting the user.

Sounds interesting, can you elaborate?

If we have access to a function in $ionicConfigProvider that lets us invalidate a state by name, then we can create any logic we want for triggering a cache clear.

Right now, the provider lets us 1. disable caching globally, 2. disable caching per state, and 3. disable caching per view. But what if I want to persist a state and its view while a user is using it, but clear that state when the user leaves or requests the same state with a different data model (for example, a “customer detail” page for a different customer). Now and again I can accept a short delay in order to “rebuild” a page for simplicity/accuracy/DOM size/memory footprint.

this has been mentioned/requested before: