Ion-nav-title not centered

Hi There,
I’m using ion-nav-title to render my logo under ionic-view and for some reason I cant seems to be able to properly center it.

 <a href='#app/viewall' ><img src='img/logo.png' /></a>

Does anyone know how to go about centering it with or without back button present?

Many thanks

Ok so finally managed to fix this one.
Just used the $ionicConfigProvider.navBar.alignTitle(‘center’); in the .config( function.

Where did you fix this at? Where is the .config(function you referenced? I can’t find it.

when I use the actual rendered code inserts this with LEFT/RIGHT predefined. I want to edit that LEFT to only be 30px - its driving me nuts as I am unable to add any custom style or ng-style to the tag.