Ion nav title can't change title size, different from other pages


I have been experiencing a difficulty to modify font size of my ion-nav-view title, specifically ion-nav-title. I have tried

  1. SCSS class
  2. ng-class
  3. using $document.find(ion-header-bar).css(‘font-size’, ‘1em’);
  4. using span in ion-nav-title
  5. The only way it worked was
    .bar .title {
    font-size: 1em;
    but this approach changed the font size of every page, whereas I want to modify only for specific pages. Here is a snippet of my code.Please help.

<ion-nav-title view-title>
        <span class='title'>{{}} &nbsp;<i class = "icon icon ion-star"></i><i class = "icon icon ion-star"></i></span>