Ion-nav-bar invisible inside modal

Yeah so this won’t something we will be working.
Since we’re tied to UI-Router, it becomes difficult to manage something thats a state, but no really a state.

Can you please rephrase your answer? I’ve been following this thread and this issue is very important to the mobile app we are currently working on. I’m surprised that not being able to have consistent and standard behavior when navigating inside a modal is not something that is on a bug list. I don’t get your point about managing something that’s a state, but not really a state. Can you elaborate?

I will chime in again as well. I’m not sure I follow the reasoning, as UI-Router does support nested states. Further, the routing isn’t the problem. Navigation inside the modal actually works, the issue is the (dis-)appearance of the nav-bar. Further still, this used to work as expected, and is a very common UI pattern.


So we assume that Ionic isn’t working on this, really? As @jpcamara stated before, can you give us some hints about where should we start to bring this feature to our apps?

I’m working on a quite big app that has this kind of navigation as a requirement.

Looks like this is not something we’ll see very soon. Any one interested should up-vote the feature request on trello:

Up-voted! This is as other people say a common pattern, would be nice to be able to do this.

I found a very nice workaround which does not need any route configuration. I just used a simple slidebox without pager and disabled drag control to mimic the view navigation. This is super simple and works great for me. I created a codepen for this:
This is my very first contribution, so please don’t slap me if this approach was no good idea. Anyway I hope this is helpful to you folks. cheers. :smile:


Hey @ikkez, I was actually thinking of implementing the same exact thing. The only problem with it is that I cannot reuse any regular ion-views (since the slidebox has its own templating), nor can I have dynamic views without creating some sort of slidebox router…

So yes, the idea is great if you have a small use case with a flow of statically defined views, but not really with a more complex use case like: from rootView you can either go to viewA, viewB, or viewC depending on what button you click, without having a router, or even worse a big ladder of if statements.


Have you got solution for this ? I am also having the same usecase.

How can I upvote this - that issue seems to have been marked closed?
I have a similar use case and I too can’t get the nav title to show up except by coercion which is not desirable. Thanks.


has anyone figured out a solution for nicely transitioning nested views inside a modal?


I finally submitted a PR to fix this long time issue: