Ion-nav-bar, how to disable animation for title?


By default when I move to sub view or from sub view to main view, the Title moves from left to right. I want to disable it but both options I used don’t work

animation="no-animation" class="no-animation"

I have following example:

in index.html:

<ion-nav-view animation="no-animation" class="no-animation">


<ion-side-menu-content drag-content="dragContent" >
    <ion-nav-bar delegate-handle="mainNavBar"  ng-controller="BarCtrl" class="bar-stable">
    <ion-nav-view id="mainContent" name="mainContent"></ion-nav-view>


<ion-view  title="{{group_header}}" > </ion-view>

This is a DEMO I play with.


This was a known issue and appears be resolved

<ion-nav-bar animation="no-animation" class="bar-positive">
      <ion-nav-back-button class="button-icon ion-arrow-left-c">

Thank you, so I expect it in beta.9.

My title stuck in the middle when I navigate back to the previous page. any idea?

    <ion-nav-bar  align-title="left" animation="no-animation">