ION-MENU Will not scroll unless main page has overflow

I am unable to scroll the ion side menu unless the page I am on has a content overflow.

I am using ionic 4.

The menu contains an ion-list surrounded with ion-content for scroll functionality. It scrolls just fine if the page I am on has a scroll itself, but if the page has no overflow the side menu is just frozen, sometimes it is able to scroll a little and then gets stuck in the middle.

I have been able to overcome this issue by setting the min-height of my pages to 101% but this seems like a very hacky solution to me, and also ads a small scroll to pages I want to keep static.

I would like to know if someone has experienced these issues or maybe I am missing something.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Found a solution! added this to the global.css:

     pointer-events: all !important;

Hope that helps someone :slight_smile:

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if it is really reproducible can you report it to github/ionic-framework