Ion-menu doesn't show it self

Hello guys,

Im using ionic 4 and following the API documentation to learn about it.

right now im trying to put a side menu in my new blank project, just like in this sample.

Maybe i’m not able to figure out how the documentantion works.

What am i doing wrong?

here is my app.component.html


    <ion-menu side="start">
              <ion-item>Open end Menu</ion-item>
              <ion-item>Close Menu</ion-item>

  <ion-router-outlet main ></ion-router-outlet>

well well, i don’t figure out how to solve this thread directly, but i got a path.

with the command:

ionic start project-name sidemenu --no-git --no-link

the ionic starts our project with a menu already configured.

So good , so far.

Thanks guys, see you on next thread.