Ion-list with dividers bound to dataset with multiple categories

Is there a way to create a list bound to a dataset (of some type) that can group items by a certain field and insert dividers?

If that’s confusing, consider the following data

Name Phone State
John Doe 555-555-1212 NY
Jane Doe 555-555-1213 NJ
John Smith 555-555-1214 NY
Jane Smith 555-555-1215 PA

I want to be able to read in a dataset with that info and then display it like:

NJ (Divider)
Jane Doe
NY (Divider)
John Doe
John Smith
PA (Divider)
Jane Smith

Is this possible? If so, how?

The short answer is yes. I would look at when you read/subscribe to the data stream that you then perform data transformation that your UI can use.