Ion-List 'underlapping' ion-tabs and ion-nav

In my home page i have a ion-list, sometime(yes, not every time), when i select a object in this list or go to the register page, through the ““ClienteCadastroPage”)”, and select a input in registerPage ou descriptionPage, and use “this.navCtrl.pop();” to comeback, my ion-list is under the Ion-Tab and Ion-nav

1- Ion-List:

2 - After i select a item, i touch in any input

3- After i select to comeback or save !

As you can see in the last pic the ion-list is under the other elements.

I found the solution for this. I just need to resize the component when the page is loaded on the method ionViewDidEnter()


  @ViewChild(Content) content: Content;

ionViewDidEnter() {