Ion-list-item & icons

I have a list that needs to have a number of icons…

On the left a check/cross depending on status
On the right, a chevron
In the content there will be two more icons to represent other states within the item,

I do not believe the current version will support this - i have added class item-icon-left & item-icon-right class to the ion-item and the result is the first two icons display on the left and the second two items appear on the right.

Is it possible to have an item-icon-left & item-icon-right as well as embed icons into the central content?

Use own dom structure or ionic list css syntax instead of ion-list/item directive.

Thanks, although using the ionic list css syntax ends up creating exactly the same issue.

Creating own dom structure is clearly an option but sort of negates the whole reason to use a framework in the first place.

It seems like an avoidable limitation having an ion-item that can only display icons to the left or the right of the content and doing so prevents the use of icons in the main body. I’ll dig about in the source and see if i can work something out from there.

Hi, did you find out something usefull?


build you own list and style it :wink: