Ion-list drag and drop

I am trying to build a ion-list with drag and drop function.
Did anyone have idea on it?
Thanks a lot!!

I made some experiences with an own (custom) list with jquery ui drag and drop (sorting).

But all in all i have to say, it is not recommended at this time to use drag and drop in a mobile smartphone app.
I managed it to also merge items together via drag and drop.

But you have to handle scrolling behave and so on, on your self.

I wrote some german articles about it like this:

But at this point i would try to avoid using drag and drop in my apps.
Maybe it is also not recommended for usability issues.


I have been working with ion-scroll elements and drag and drop and found ngDraggable to be a good solution. The only issue that I have not been able to figure out is dragging within the same list. The two UIs(scroll and general drag/drop) in a touch environment seem mutually exclusive for any standard interaction.

Here is a code pen of what I have been able to do with moving between lists.