Ion-label stacked doesnot work for me

Hello, everyone.
Thanks for your much supports.

This time, I have a layout error.
I want to place the ion-label first and ion-input below that label.
Here ion-input component has placeholder property.
But the two components are placed next each other.

This is my code and captured image.



Can you help me?

this is basic syntax. is it similar to yours ?

  <ion-label position="stacked">Stacked Label</ion-label>

Other option is:

<ion-label stacked>Text</ion-label>
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It works. It does.:laughing:

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Great!!! I think you can mark my answer as solution, so anyone can find the solution easily.

Hi IreneC.

I didnot think about the making the article mark.

I did it.

I wish your continued help.


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