Ion-item-sliding full slide like gmail

Hi I am using ionic 3 to develop the application. I am using list to display and ion-item-sliding to slide from left and from right. I tried in different ways but I couldn`t full slide like gmail app. Can you share a possible solution.

Sample logic I am trying:

const nativeElement = itemSlide.item.getNativeElement();
const moveFactor = itemSlide.getOpenAmount() > 0 ? 5 : 10;
console.log('moveFactor '+moveFactor);
const x = nativeElement.offsetWidth * moveFactor;
itemSlide.setElementClass(“removed”, true);


For Ionic 3 try:

<ion-item-sliding (ionSwipe)="delete(item)">
    <button ion-button expandable (click)="delete(item)">Delete</button>


Hi Chris,

 I had already as per documentation. I am able to slide from left or right. But the sliding is not so smooth. I am looking for smooth sliding how it works in gmail app in order to delete or archive a mail by sliding left or right. If possible share a solution.