<ion-item-divider sticky> is not working

I saw the conference app use this code: to make divider sticky like ion-sticky. But it does not work on my app. How to use it?

This doesn’t work in chrome, but you can test it in another browser.
But it doesn’t work on phone too (including for the ionic conference app).

Does not seem to be working on Safari either… Is there any solution for Ionic 2 to have ion-sticky feature?

did you finally manage to achieve using ion-sticky feature ?

No… I am hoping the core team will jump in here. But no luck :frowning:

Hi, I am testing it on android device with rc4 still not working

I have it working in safari browser. Maybe make sure you are actually nesting it within an ion-list > ion-item-group > ion-item-divider

the problem seems to be that in the main.css we have
position: -webkit-sticky;
position: sticky;
which seems to be not supported!

any alternatives to change ion-item-divider[sticky] ?

OMFG! The Android System Webview update addressed the header sticky issue on Android! Download the latest version if it.

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Awesome !! Thanks for the update !

Hi, I updated the latest version of webview and still is not working I’m using the conference app, any ideas?

If you are using chrome -> update it, android -> update the webview and iOS should work.
Did you change anything in the conference app ?

I deployed the app into my android device and the sticky headers are working, is working in the browser also, but for some reason is not working in the emulator.

Android version is 6.0
WebView Version is 57.0.2987.108

Android Version 6.0.1
WebView Version is 56.0.2924.87

Same problem for me.

I am happy enough having it working on the physical device so no big deal for me :slight_smile: