Ion-input weird behavior and focus delay on iOS only

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I recently started learning Ionic and while working on my first project, I noticed that problem happening

So basically, I’m creating a login form, I have two ion-inputs, a check box and a submit button, everything works perfectly fine on desktop and android version, but when I change the device to an iOS device in the dev tools, the app acts weirdly when entering the inputs

If you look closely at this GIF, you’ll notice that sometimes when I click in the ion-input field (The cursor turns yellow on my click just so you know when did I click), it delays the focus for like a second or the focus goes to the password field and comes back weirdly

Once again, this only happens on iOS, I did also try on a real iPhone, same behavior, but everything is perfectly fine on desktop and android version.

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Please close this, posted as an issue on the github and it is now labeled as a bug

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