Ion-input vs input - keyboard hides control

On iPad (Air 2 iPadOS v15.x) in Safari or Chrome using the Web only, when touching ion-input (v6.x) control at the bottom of the screen, the keyboard shows up and hides the control. Changing the ion-input for a standard HTML input, it doesn’t hide it and the control is positioned correctly above the keyboard. Why is that? How can I have the ion-input behave the same as the input? With the ion-input, the cursor has to be already in the control for it to work as expected but the first time you touch it…doesn’t work.

Easy to reproduce, create a new ionic app and drop an ion-input and input side-by-side at the bottom of the page and test or go to Ionic App, in landscape mode, their controls are not working either…

The application is not built in iOS, only runs in the Web Browser. I can’t believe there is no straight answers on that thousands of us must have no?

Thanks for your help.