Ion-input showing cursor in a weird way (android)

I’m using ion-input with floating labels, but the native cursor works in a weird way:

I couldn’t catch the exact behaviour, but it “blinks”, going back and forth from the place it should be to the label. I’ve tried with other types of labels or even just with placeholder in ion-input, but the result it’s the same.

This is the code I’m using:

        <ion-label floating>Username</ion-label>
        <ion-input [(ngModel)]="username" type="text"
                   required pattern=".*\S+.*"
                   ngControl="username" #usernameForm="ngForm"></ion-input>

EDIT: I’m using marshmallow, just in case is related.

I’m facing the same issue but on Ionic 1. Did you find a workaround for this? @Guinnberg


same here!
did you find any solution?

I have also the same, did you find a sollution?