Ion-input placeholder not showing on mobile app

For some Reason, the following code does not display the placeholder I need on the input boxes on the mobile app when testing through the Ionic Devapp… I’m using android.

Ion-select does display the placeholder, Ion-input does not…

<ion-select type=“text” id=“name” placeholder=“Selectionnez l’étudiant’” class=“inputBox” #name>
<ion-select-option *ngFor=“let name of names” [value]="">{{ name.nom }}

<ion-input type=“date” id=“date” class=“inputBox” placeholder=“Date de RDV” #date>

<ion-input type=“time” id=“time” placeholder=“Debut de réunion” class=“inputBox” #time>

I’ve Added a grey color to the class of .inputBox in the .scss file but it gives me Nothing.

Any ideas?

Ok, so the problem was I was using ION-INPUT for dates and times, when I should have been using ION-DATETIME… there is a little formatting needed when using the latter option but once it is done, it looks pretty good on the phone screen.