Ion-input contain avatar icon at the end

Hey there, I have an input that calling the modal,
but only on this one page I found that there is a small icon like avatar at the end of slot.
tested on safari.

Below are the codes for this field.

        <ion-item class="custom" [button]="true" [detail]="false" id="select-country-company" [ngClass]="{'input-error': formSubmited &&}">
          <ion-input formControlName="country" type="text"
          label="{{ 'VIEWS.GUEST_DETAILS_COUNTRY' | translate }} {{isFieldRequired('country')? '*':''}}" mode="ios"
          <div slot="end" style="font-size: 18px;right: 5px;top: 20px;position: absolute;">
            <ion-icon name="chevron-expand"></ion-icon>
        <ion-modal trigger="select-country-company" #countryCompanyModal>
              class="ion-page ion-text-center"
              title="{{ 'VIEWS.GUEST_DETAILS_COUNTRY' | translate }}"
              (selectionChange)="typeaheadSelectionChanged($event, 'country-company')"

I don’t know how to get rid of it as I did not found any element for this specific, hope you guys help, thanks in advance.