Ion-infinite-scroll with old <i> ionicons ico

hi, i’m using ionicons v 2.0.0 and there isn’t ion-loading-d icon, there is a method to customize the content of ion-infinite-scroll? the tag is injected by the directive

<ion-infinite-scroll on-infinite="fetchMore()" distance="20%" class="active"><i class="icon ion-loading-d icon-refreshing"></i></ion-infinite-scroll>

@tim @mhartington

Until we release the next version of ionic, it is suggested that you use ionicons 1.5.2, which are the default version that comes with beta 14.

We removed the animated font icons and created svg directives for the next release.
(soon to be

Thank you @mhartington!

I’m using for now this version:

<div ng-if="showLoadMore" class="tac padding">
      <ion-loader icon="lines"></ion-loader>

ion-loader works but ion-infinite-scroll with spinner attribute doesn’t!

Here’s you go.

@mhartington I’m sorry for making you waste time, the problem was in lack of include of two scss in my custom app.scss !!! I have to rememer to check in there every time i upgrade the ionic version!!!

Ps: for ionicons i uese v2.0.1 like the last nightly build included via bower :smile:

 // Components

->MISSING   "../../lib/ionic/scss/slide-box",
->MISSING  "../../lib/ionic/scss/refresher",
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