Ion-infinite-scroll stop working


I have an ion-infinite-scroll and firstly it works fine calling the on-infinite method but when scroll the page to the end, the component completely disapear. The ng-if condition is always set to true but nothing happens once it’s fired for the first time.

the is the block of code:

<ion-content class="has-header" ng-class="{'has-subheader':show_search_box}" ng-show="!no_comm">
        <div class="card" ng-repeat="post in blog_post track by $index">
            <div class="item item-avatar item-icon-right">
                <img ng-src="{{post.author_img}}">
                <h3><b>Source from</b>: {{post.author_name}}</h3>
                <small>Posted on {{}}</small>
                <button class="button button-clear icon ion-star" ng-style="{color : post.included?'#AA1100':'#C7C7C7'}"
                        ng-click="show_topic_list(post, this)"></button>
            <div class="item item-body">
                <a href="#/app/post/{{post.slug}}">
                    <img class="full-image" ng-src="{{post.featured_image}}">
                <div style="margin-top:10px" ng-bind-html="post.excerpt"></div>
        <ion-infinite-scroll distance="2%" on-infinite="loadMorePost()" ng-if="moredata"></ion-infinite-scroll>

What’s wrong?