Ion-infinite-scroll on-infinite NEVER called

Hi everybody !

I’m getting an issue on my app, ion-infinite-scroll on-infinite is never call.

I have a ion-infinite-scroll in two different pages of my app, on the first it is working on the second, ion-infinite-scroll on-infinite is never call.

Here is the code of the second page, where the ion-infinite-scroll on-infinite is never call.

<ion-view view-title="Second Page Name">

<ti-segmented-control on-select="buttonClicked($index)" style="width: 100%; padding: 10px; ">
	<ti-segmented-control-button class="button-assertive" title="'Yo'" selected></ti-segmented-control-button>
	<ti-segmented-control-button class="button-assertive" title="'Ya'" ></ti-segmented-control-button>

<ion-list ng-if="selectedIndex === 0">

  <ion-item class="item" href="#" collection-repeat="product in theProductQuery track by $index" ng-click='go(product)' >
    <h2>{{product.productName | capitalize}}</h2>


<ion-infinite-scroll  on-infinite="loadMore1()"  distance="1%" ng-if="theProductQuery.length"></ion-infinite-scroll>

Here’s my loadMore1() function :

    $scope.loadMore1 = function() {

      alert('test'); // does not show

      var lenAll = Object.keys(jsonObj).length;
      var lenActual = $scope.theProductQuery.length;
      if ( lenAll == lenActual ) {
        $scope.canLoadProd = false;
      } else {

        var valueIndex = parseInt(localStorage.getItem("indexArrayProds")) + +1;
        localStorage.setItem("indexArrayProds", valueIndex);


Thanks !