Ion-infinite-scroll in ng-repeat

If I use 2 or more ion-scroll ,ion-infinite-scroll on-infinite only in the last ion-scroll will run correctly. The first ion-scroll on-infinite will continue to run. I read the source code of ionic, look as if more than 1 ion-scroll, $ionicscroll will record only the last element.
My code has any question?or a page cannot run two scroll, including ion-infinite-scroll?

my code:
<ion-scroll ng-repeat="type_id in list_index" style="height: 487px;">

      <div class="huati-list list" >
        <div class="item" ng-repeat="item in huati_list[type_id]">
          <div class="huati-tags">
            来自 <a href="#" ng-repeat="tag in item.tags">{{tag.tag_name}}</a>
          <a class="huati-question" href="#/huati/question/{{item.q_id}}">{{item.q_title}}</a>
          <a class="huati-answer" ng-if="item.answer"  href="#/huati/answer/{{item.answer.a_id}}">
      <ion-infinite-scroll ng-if="list_conf[index].show_scroll" on-infinite="loadMore()" distance="1%"></ion-infinite-scroll>