Ion-header-bar used inside template file not working for android, but working in ios

I am developing an app for device using ionic.
I use ion-header-bar to make different headers for different templates. It works in ios but not in android, don’t know exact reason, please suggest what to do to fixed it.

Can you post a simplified version of what you are trying to do? Maybe even put it on Github so we can check out your code?

Hi @Sujan12, Thanks for reply, I figured it out and its a very minor mistake from my side. I applied the z-index for ios but not for android, that’s my mistake.

Could you please help me, Where I can get the proper ionic directive( ion- ) structuring for my layout, some how it’s little bit confusing for me to structure and I use HTML tags instead ion- directives.

I don’t really know what you mean, please create a new thread here and elaborate your question a bit. Thanks.