Ion-header-bar overlaps ion-tabs

Hello! Look at pen:

any way to solve this problem?

read the docs correctly…

ionTabs have own navigation-stacks --> so they need ion-nav-view as the wrapper of the tab-content.
So you need a ion-nav-view --> ion-view --> ion-content structure

If you are using it correct you do not need to set the has-header class :wink:

But what to do if i got the cross-page ion-nav-header? ion-nav-header is more customizable so why i use it.

Edit: Oh, sorry i understand what you mean, thanks a lot.

P.s. is there any way to replace title width other html in ion-nav-bar?

Edit: i found :slight_smile: ion-nav-title derective

Bug? Change ion-header-bar to ion-nav-bar and you will get this problem again.