Ion-footer tag doesn`t fix in Sheet Modal

Hello everyone! Use Ionic v.6 (6.2.5) and Angular.
I try to open Inline Sheet modal.

When I use breakpoints, my footer is not fixed on the bottom of a page

Only for case where I use max breakpoint value = 1 , I can see good result, in other cases I can`t see my footer.

This situation apply for Inline modal and Modal Controller.
Attach screenshots of package.json and html, also video with my problem.

What I should do what I can see footer on any breakpoints?



Try the following. I just had this issue in Vue. I got the fix from this PR that fixed it for React.

ion-modal::part(content) {
     display: flex;
    flex-direction: column;
    height: 100%;

Thanks for your answer! Unfortunately, it is doesn`t work for me. I tryed use this stiyles in component styles and in global styles.

Hello everyone! I created a bugreport on ionic github. Ionic`s maintainer gave a response, what this behavor is ok.