Ion-footer-bar overlaps the ion-content and other problem with android native scrolling

Hi Guys,

I have recently published an app on playstore and it is without crosswalk and has native scrolling enabled. There is a problem which some users have told me.

The ion-footer-bar overlaps the ion-content. I am using ion-list with collection repeat and the last item is always behind the footer bar and non scrollable. Second thing is that when the keyboard is open, the content and footer is pushed to top and when the keyboard is closed, after taking input, the content remains on the upper half and the bottom half is black. The app ui does not fill the screen back again.

I have seen this problem only in Android version and iOS was fine.

I switched back to js scrolling and things are back to normal. No overlap and I have not seen the keyboard empty space problem.

Has anybody else faced this problem? Screenshot is attached for overlap. I don’t have the screenshot for the keyboard, sorry.

Here is the play store link:

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have the same problem to!