Ion-Datetime Padding

Hey guys,

currently workin on a simple app and saving some personal data including the birth date. i got in ion-grid with rows and columns. One Row contains a . I aligned every input field of the other rows simply with columns and the width attribute, but it seems that the datetime object has some sort of own Padding for its Content.
Do you have any idea how to fix that? See code and screenshot below. Tried to play around with the width attribute but nothing seems to work there.

    <ion-col width-30>
      <ion-label  color="primary">Geburtsdatum:</ion-label>
    <ion-col width-70>
      <ion-datetime displayFormat="DD/M/YYYY" pickerFormat="DD/M/YYYY" [(ngModel)]="user.geburtsdatum"placeholder="01/01/1900"></ion-datetime>


Thanks :slight_smile:

In .scc:

    ion-datetime {
      padding-left: 9px !important;
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